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Type of research

The aim of our current survey (2019) is to understand both the recent and future challenges inherent in human resource management given this new, complex and dynamic landscape.

We ask you, as a strategic partner and HR executive who can access the required information from your international company, to share your professional perceptions and experiences related to these historic changes. Your contribution will consist of responding to the questionnaire. The focal year of our survey is 2019.

Your executive perspective is critical in helping us understand the HR practices in your country. Your insights will contribute to enhancing the professionalism and global competitiveness of HR practices of Multinational Company (MNC) subsidiaries in your country and support national and regional economic development as well as the ongoing integration of your country into the global economy.

The Central and Eastern European International Research Team will provide all respondents with a research summary of the survey findings. Your identity and responses will remain completely confidential and anonymous.